ODYSSEY / Recent Works by HRNJAK

ODYSSEY / Recent Works by HRNJAK

Val Kilmer and HelMel Studios explore evocative mid-century abstract forms and photography with ‘Odyssey’ from artist Bosko Hrnjak.

The works are a (technical) amalgamation of Hrnjak’s previous modes of abstract paintings and will open Friday, Oct. 18, 2019, 5:00 - 9:00 PM.

This series of paintings Hrnjak evokes an atmosphere like viewing a galaxy or a shallow pond in stillness, a world unto itself, time and space captured. Unlike his earlier pieces now the gestural form is more expressive and the color no longer functions as just a field but is locked into the flow, like notes in music, remove one part and the structure falls apart. The edge between dark value and color fold into one another, the color and shape are both breaking out from the picture plane and collapsing in on itself.

Embarking in urban archeology, exploring thrifts shops and swap meets, road trips to forgotten neighborhoods, mostly to collect bits and pieces of this wondrous past, Hrnjak soon found his whole house was (and still is) decorated with these finds.

The second portion of Odyssey is photography from Califonia’s largest lake, the Salton Sea. Hrnjak has been chronicling its devolution for nearly twenty years now. The juxtaposition of natural wonder, filthy pollution and impoverished ghost towns of Mid- century Modern architecture presents a surreal version of the American dream.

His work has been exhibited at: La Luz De Jesus, Track 16, Outré gallery, Tamara Bane, Roc La Rue, Huntington Beach Art Center, Copro Nason gallery, M-Modern gallery, Minna gallery, M-1 gallery, Beyond Baroque, Riverside Art Museum, STEIM-Amsterdam, Quai Branly-Paris and many others throughout the world.


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