Time in Joshua Tree with My Boy

Livin’ la vida loca for a few days in the desert with my son. My father had one of the first joints out here when development inches out of sacred Palm Springs so it bring up deep memories of my brother he making me laugh so hard I doubled over- LIVING In the swimming pool all day. And if it ever dipped below 72 at night my father would put on this massive down jacket the size of a pup tent. He hated being the least bit cold as he almost froze to death with his mom one winter out in the wilderness when his dad was off helping a neighbor. Imagine risking the life of your young family for a neighbor you’d never met. That was the America I was raised into by my parents stories. My moms fam all came over from Sweden. But they liked the cold so took over the wastelands others couldn’t handle like Minnesota. Boy does it get cold there. Once I did a play at the world famous #guthrie and it was 70 below with the wind chill factor. Even the locals gave up their macho style of tee shirts when it was in the 40’s. People died on the highway just cause if minor car trouble. Freezing while awaiting help. I still can’t believe that...click link in bioscreen-shot-2018-11-21-at-11.22.46-am.png