SPRING CLEANING:  Last of the Pop Icon Paintings

SPRING CLEANING: Last of the Pop Icon Paintings

May 5th 2019

Well, HelMel Studios is shaping up to host some exciting events, shows and exhibits this summer. And all of the new projects have inspired an all-new series of art. And with all the new art on the way, it's encouraged me to clean up my archives.

The timing seems to be fitting. It is still spring... so I'm not too late with the cleaning, though there's an even better reason to let these works of art go. Mother's Day, Father's Day and graduations are perfect reasons to let go of my remaining Pop stencils.

I've made all of my remaining Pop Icon paintings available for $150. ($100 off) These include pieces that were in my personal collection. These are the last of the bunch as I'm putting the stencils to rest. So if you ever wanted to own one or better yet, give as a gift, this is the time.

When they're gone, they're gone.