Visions From the Bunker by Nick Corney

It’s long been my dream to provide a sanctum for fellow artists. When I saw Nick’s work I asked where his work has been exhibited and when I learned it hadn’t, I invited him to showcase it. I’m so happy he said ’yes!’  Currently on exhibit at my HelMel Studios is an exploration of form through the use of exaggerated line and primary color. ‘Visions From the Bunker’ by artist Nick Corney makes an esthetic connection between the organic and the mechanic, constructing the color spectrum and the play it has on the subject.

The exhibit opened Friday, Feb. 28, 2020. Working to recognize local artists, I discovered Corney, who works in the creative field of film and television. His paintings have served as a cathartic exercise since a child and are now being celebrated, for the first time, with a public audience. The exhibit includes drawings and paintings sprung from Corney’s mind and psyche while isolated inside deep in his studio bunker. The images represented are a reflection of dreams, visions and the music that are his only accompaniment while locked away in his self imposed artistic exile.