Val's LA Action Scrapbook - Selected print #1

Val's LA Action Scrapbook - Selected Print #1

Kilmer’s massive scrapbooks, assembled from ephemera drawn from advertising, celebrity press, art books and catalogs as well as personal objects (ranging from headshots and call-sheets to old wallets and fan gifts), delve into the nature of celebrity and the representation of celebrity and icon-making in media. Layering layer upon layer, they create a conversation between the materials and the nature of representation, reproduction, and appropriation.

Out of the scrapbooks come the most recent pieces: scrapbook pages are photographed, enlarged and beautifully printed. Each print is hand-signed by Val

The first in this series is a limited edition of 5 prints, available exclusively here, entitled "Women are going to be the new Elvises”.

·      Paper size: 24" x 32". Image size: 19.5" x 28".

·      Giclee print, cold press on rag paper.

·      Arrives rolled.

·      Numbered limited edition. Only 5 prints in this series.


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