Val's LA Action Scrapbook

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Height 12.00 (in)
Width 17.00 (in)
Depth 11.00 (in)

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Val's LA Action Scrapbook

Val Kilmer's LA Action Scrapbook may be applauded as Val's most private and intimate work to date.

He has crafted 10 unique, one-of-a-kind, books revealing a personal account on life in Los Angeles - each bursting with never-before-seen original art, photos, unreleased poems, and expressive autobiography.

Collaging ideas to establish something new and unexpected, Val's work uses this medium to its advantage, creating surreal, thought-provoking scenes. Bending social commentary that seems to exist in multiple dimensions.

Inverting conventions is an art Val has cultivated throughout his acting career, transforming and re-inventing himself for some of Hollywood's most beloved roles. And it is with that same passion and energy these special books have been produced.

Val invites you to get a glimpse into a dreamlike world of familiar imagery and objects juxtaposed to illustrate a point. Much like Val's keenly nuanced performances, the message may not be blatant, but can often be found within the context.

Discover Val's raw artistic vision and find clues within the collective elements of a piece to unveil his singular perspective and form.

Each oversized 12” x 17” book is beautifully and sensitively assembled.

Some of the treasures you will find inside, include:

·      Completely original and unique collages

·      Hand-selected photographs spanning decades

·      Specially created fine-art abstract paintings

·      Handwritten poems and musings

·      Excerpts from Citizen Twain

·      Personal keepsakes

·      Ultra exclusive HELMEL black card -- An invitation-only membership card, granting unique benefits, discounts and access only the card holder will know

·      More surprises, exclusive to the owner

·      All are unique and crafted exclusively by Val